Currently I teach the Masters level Design Dialogues Module: IMD11112 on Thursdays during Trimester 1. All classes are currently online until further notice.

Lectures: 9am-11am

Workshop 1: 2pm-4pm

Workshop 2: 4pm-6pm

Assignment One (40%)

For this assignment, you are required to develop a design for a mobile application that demonstrates at least three aspects of permaculture. Crucially your design should be appropriate for your chosen user group.

Assignment Two (60%)

For this assignment you are required to design and evaluate ideas for a user-centred physical system to be installed in the grounds at Merchiston, which demonstrates the blending of aspects of permaculture and UX. The system can be designed as standalone technology, or can make use of other devices that people could be expected to have with them either now or in the next two or three years.


I also supervise Honours and Masters projects. I'm particulary interested in projects that investigate blended spaces and involve conceptualising systems, methods and processes that nurture people and the planet. technologically i'm interested in off-grid and renewables-powered computing systems.