I write, play guitar, sing, engineer and co-produce in a band called The Suns of Albert. You can see/listen to some of what we do below and on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

TheSunsOfAlbert · Gypsy Eyes
TheSunsOfAlbert · Talkin' Woody Guthrie Blues
TheSunsOfAlbert · It's Alright
TheSunsOfAlbert · Leo Speaks
TheSunsOfAlbert · I Know How It Feels (Part One)
TheSunsOfAlbert · I Know How it Feels (Part Two)
TheSunsOfAlbert · In Your Dreams
TheSunsOfAlbert · Cake
TheSunsOfAlbert · Staying Afloat / The Sea EP

TheSunsOfAlbert · I Am Reginald Crumb
TheSunsOfAlbert · Randolph Cliff
TheSunsOfAlbert · Carousel

TheSunsOfAlbert · Days of Sunshine and Rage

TheSunsOfAlbert · 28 Miles Per Hour
TheSunsOfAlbert · Dandelion Clock
TheSunsOfAlbert · Shy Tories
TheSunsOfAlbert · Vegetable Alphabet
TheSunsOfAlbert · Law of the Land

TheSunsOfAlbert · Cow Dust Time